Monday, June 6, 2011

From One Side to the Other

At a meeting about meetings. Today I'm in the audience- two months ago I was sitting behind a drape behind a computer wondering how much time was left. Clothes are different, attitude not so much. I'm so used to moving around and putting out fires that sitting in one spot for longer than thirty minutes isn't easy.

Now I'm on a train to head home.

My sister will probably make the decision to put her dog to sleep today.

We went down to my mom's this weekend. If anyone has any experience dealing with parents and mental illness I'd love to get some advice.

Usually I have pretty bad nightmares after visiting her. It's stressful seeing how she's not taking care of herself.

There's a woman on the train playing a game that making mustard squeezing noises. Or very crudely wet farting noises.

One month until hopefully I'll see fisher. Driving to and from my mom's we came within 45 minutes of where he lives. It's probably best that I don't have the money to visit him. For one he's in rehearsal for the show that opens soon. Second, because I've been a little crazy in the past and having set the time to visit me is just better. I'll have to decide to pining for him is worth it, if he decides he can't visit.

Later that same night-
K* lived a long and happy life. My sister gave her the best life possible. It is a sad day.

Let go of your anger. It will not save you. Anger eats at you from the inside. Enjoy life and be happy.

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