Sunday, October 28, 2012

Of Cold & Pets

Far more interested in online browsing/shopping, but this is cheaper alternative for me time.
I'm afraid this will be a rather mundane post, even though there are something interesting things happening at work that will hopefully allow me to move to a full time w/benefits position. Putting that out of my mind, though. I'll still continue to go above and beyond at work, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I may have to, in the end, start applying for other jobs at the university. I really like what I'm doing and it's the variety that I like the most.

The weather has turned cold and with it my sinuses have decided to become a mucus factory. Not pleasant to read, not pleasant to experience. I've spent yesterday and today mostly in bed and didn't leave the house yesterday. Today I really should return some over due movies and in doing so would give me motivation to take a shower and give the dog a bath.

Speaking of animals, on Friday I resisted a very strong urge to put in an application to adopt a kitten. She was about 6 weeks old and her coloring was a wonderful mix of light tan and light grey making her appear almost pink. I'm a sucker for the that coloring. I held her for quite a while, but in the end she went back in with her up for adoption roommates.

My decision to make getting another cat a non-idea was further cemented when I came home to three very hungry pets that demanded not my attention, but my thumbs to assist in their feeding. The three of them are really enough. I've thought that I wouldn't have any more cats after H* and R* are no longer with me, but after holding that kitten, I know it will be hard to resist not having a cat in the house.

Not sure Fisher feels the same way. He reiterated my want of having a dog and goat that are besties. Why not throw in a cat, too.

Who knows and for now, I've got all that I need.

My birthday is around  the corner and turning 37 is such an odd thing. A result of arrested development perhaps, but it's a number that doesn't seem to fit. I'm ok with being in my 30's but the idea of being three years for 40 is bizarre.

The boys.