Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time, Is it on your side?

Well, Holy heck, batman. Three days left in Chicago and on the fourth I leave. Trepidation? Excited? Scared? For 16 years Fisher and I never found a way to make it work. In the early years I was crazy. Bat sh*t, psycho ex-girlfriend crazy. Now after some really great therapy I know what caused it, but it happened any way to the man that I want to love for the rest of my life.

I’m scared that he once he gets to know me that he’ll stop loving me. But that’s kind of a silly thought because he’s seen me at my worse and as of this moment wants to be with me. I don’t think I’ll ever be as psycho as I was when I was in my 20’s. I don’t think my body has the energy for it.

Keeping my fingers crossed regarding unemployment. Things happening that seem to be good. Need to apply to for the Production Manager position for the Theatre and Drama Department. I hate writing cover letters. I would give up a pinky toe if it meant that magically all my now and future cover letters were well written for me. I might even give up both pinky toes. Part of a pinky finger?

Two things left to do for school: My internship packet (5 page paper, transferring hours, etc) and my final in my Special Events class.

I have to make sure that I don’t fall into depression when I move down there. I won’t have a job, but I’ll need to stay busy. Oh, self startery stuff, you are my downfall. The ADHD kinda cancels out the get-up-and-go.

Not sure if this migraine is stress or allergy related. All this same, it hurts.

Oh, and if your reading this, please click on the ads. My computer needs a new ac adaptor and any help would be appreciated.

I do want to start pack the car tomorrow. Get the trunk packed, so I have a head start and an idea of how all my belongs will fit in my soccer mom 4 door sedan.

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